Photo by Robert Anderson on Unsplash

I had a dream of water dancing with music.

Waves were bouncing off of graceful melodies,

and notes caressed drops of falling water.

They weaved and bobbed together,

In rhythm and flow,

Stretching and bending in company,

Soft ringlets of liquid embracing harmonies,

As whispers made the water tremble.

It left me speechless,

For the sound was busy elsewhere,

It left me thirsty,

For the water had found a better mate.

I was poorer, but I could not deny,

Nor turn away from beauty.



Image by David Mark from Pixabay

The misty dress of my morning

Envelops me as I walk.

My skin becomes cool and fluid

In this soft shell.

The air around me

Insists to touch, unabashed,

But I don’t feel assaulted.

I bear no weight.

I have no burden.

I am carried,

by gentle earth and lifted spirits.

For all the boundaries,

The layers of skin, and bark, and grass, and water,

and all the mental separations,

I am one with myself,

And one with all.



Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay

There’s movement in the stars,

Thousands of clocks keeping order,

between being and unbeing.

A small spring deforms from the recoil of distorted echoes,

And energy bubbles into bursts of entropy.

Fugitive anomalies trace new paths,

unbalancing old laws.

The clocks resist in slow inertia,

But the unwinding has started.



Image by Martin Dlugolinsky

The watchful eye of the termite guard

Glints in the sunlight.

The colony has moved inside the tree,

Away from predators and judgment.

What crafty scout beckoned them

To eat the elder’s bark?

What gift a tree,

Rotting and collapsing,

Has made to bold, new life?

A woodland pact signed by gnawing teeth,

On wet, dark grain.



Irina S Dimitrov

Irina S Dimitrov

Writer, traveler, jewelry maker and sci-fi reader, based in Chicago, US and Porto, Portugal.